Computer vision development services

From developing an end-to-end solution to taking up an existing project, we deliver a whole range of expert computer vision development services. Our team of professional programmers, experienced data engineers, and Computer Science Ph.D. holders will help you draw useful insights out of images and videos to unlock the data potential hidden in them.

Our qualification is backed up with:

  • Ph.D. degrees in Applied Math and Computer Sciences
  • Top-rated status on Upwork
  • 100% Job Success
  • 180 successfully completed projects, more than a half in Deep Learning Development field
  • 5-star clients’ ratings
сomputer vision development services
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    сomputer vision development

    What is Computer Vision?

    Today, computer vision (CV) is becoming one of the most popular subdivisions of machine learning applied across industries. The purpose of this technology is to make machines understand the contents of digital images and videos, allowing to filter this content, recognize and track objects, detect patterns, perform image classification, detect people in images and distinguish their emotions.

    Here at Mediterra, we possess solid competence in building visual recognition models for custom computer vision applications by harnessing the power of up-to-date machine learning and deep learning techniques. Recognizing the unique needs of your business, we will help you outline the computer vision project and deliver the custom task-oriented algorithms able to extract the required valuable data from images.

    Our Computer Vision Expertise

    We are passionate about implementing computer vision capabilities into real-world commercial tasks

    • OCR methods

      Integrating optical character recognition into custom systems enabling to process typed or handwritten texts. Our team will assist in choosing the optimal machine learning approach to reach your OCR goals.

    • Object detection

      Building state-of-the-art models able to detect, track, and count different objects, including people or animals. Precise multi-object tracking and motion detection adapted to real-world limitations such as lack of light or poor resolutions.

    • Video Analysis

      Analyzing and interpreting visual video contents to recognize human actions, track multiple objects in movements, as well as identify abnormal events in image sequences for security alerts.

    • Image analysis and classification

      Training machine learning models to automate image analysis, including localization, image categorization, and pixel-wise segmentation.

    • Facial recognition

      Automatic face analysis involving person identification with face features, facial expressions, emotion recognition, real-time gesture, and movement recognition powered by deep learning models.


    Our team leverages Python-related frameworks like TensorFlow, Caffe, Keras, PyTorch, and C++/CUDA using NVIDIA GPU that are applied to build CV applications.

    Our Cases in Computer Vision

    Computer Vision is one of our primary fields of expertise. We have a long record of delivering successful projects in Finances, Sports, Telecommunications, Agriculture, Engineering, Retail, and other industries.

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    Sports Tracking Athletes in the video as part of the preparation for the Olympic Games in Seoul

    The goal of the project was to analyze videos of athletes using multiple cameras and detect and track athletes appearing on video in real-time. To deliver the project we built the deep learning model based on TensorFlow Framework; as a tracking system, we used custom algorithms based on Kalman filters. We also created a communication layer between the system and video server using a high-performance custom protocol based on TCP-sockets usage.

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    Retail Visitor tracking system for retail store analytics

    The goal of the project was to define characteristics of the general traffic of store visitors, including traffic volume, time of entrance and exit, how long visitors stay on a trading floor, as well as personal visitor characteristics to identify regular customers and clients’ traffic maps. From the technical viewpoint, we used data from 2 video cameras, Ubuntu as the main OS and Python with such frameworks as Caffe, Pytorch, Numpy, Sklearn, Scipy, and OpenCV. As a result of the project, the client managed to boost store revenues by 16%.

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    Agriculture Grape row visual detection and analysis in a vineyard

    The goal of the project was to analyze images of grape fields from drones in order to find and detect grape rows, as well as estimate start and endpoints, and the length and width of each row. Additionally, the application supported image processing functionality such as colors, brightness, and contrast manipulation, drawing primitives, zoom, saving results as shapefiles. The application included a cross- platform design written in C++/Qt for Mac/Win/Linux platforms.

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    Infotainment TV recognition

    Implemented a system that detects the movie by acting persons.

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    Sports Tennis video analysis

    The goal of the project is to analyze the video of a tennis game for breaking match into shorter videos: one video per point.

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    Government & Public Safety Security filtering solution

    The Techloq Windows Agent is a cloud control and managed software agent that provides centrally managed security for devices running the Microsoft Windows.

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    Elite Horse Breeding App predicting the probability of a horse being elite and thoroughbred

    Our client breeds elite racing horses with excellent physical characteristics. The project objective was to build an application that processes videos of a specific horse and calculates the probability of this horse being elite. We created machine learning algorithms and models based on provided data such as horse heart rate, weight, body size, cardiac index, ultrasound/echo, and DNA. At the next step, we built a database and web application that manages current and new data about horses and predicts eliteness. Then we created Web Jobs for automatic retraining of the machine learning models. As a result, we delivered a web app that proves a correlation with more than 80% accuracy for elite thoroughbred horses. To implement the project, we utilized Python and Django for the web app and OpenCV with Neural networks for the Machine Learning module.

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    Utilities Multi-modal registration

    The goal of the project is developing software for automatic calculation of animal weight based on the image of the animal with required accuracy not higher than 3%.

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    Sports Dartboard scoring

    The goal of the project is to create an augmented reality version of darts game.

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    Explore our flexible hiring models

    We offer our clients flexible cooperation options based on their preferences and project specifics that allow them to save costs.
    We respect our clients’ confidentiality and are ready to work under NDA.

    • Fixed price

      A budget-friendly and low-risk model used when the scope and requirements of the project are well defined and documented.

      Starting from:
      • 2000 USD / project
    • Hourly

      Better suited for projects with less clear specifications and timelines, and provides the possibility to balance team size, as well as project workloads.

      Starting from:
      • 30 USD / hour
    • Dedicated team

      This model is used for long-term contracts, where a dedicated team of specialists is allocated for the project with an agreed fixed monthly payment for the engaged human resources.

      Starting from:
      • 30 USD / hour
      • 2000 USD / project
      • 4500 USD / month

    Why choose Mediterra as your Computer Vision Partner

    • For each individual project, we dedicate a tight-knit team comprising senior developers, a technical architect, and a project manager with an in-depth focus on project objectives
    • Our team has extensive years-long experience in delivering successful computer vision-based applications in Sports, Finances, and other industries
    • We adhere to the highest standards of software development, Agile, and Scrum methodologies, and employ state-of-the-art frameworks and libraries
    • We ensure transparent and consistent communication and respect the deadlines
    • Our clients’ confidentiality is important for us and we are ready to work under a Non-disclosure agreement

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