About Us

Please meet M-Soft team that is comprised of well-educated professionals with a highly elaborated wor ethics and approach.
We keep our team small that ensures we can work effectively with minimum management efforts.
Most of our team members hold Ph.D. degrees in the relevant field of Computer Sciences. We have academic background combined with commercial development expertise.
On average our team has 6 years of Data Science expertise including Computer Vision and Natural Language Processing and 7 years of System Programming experience.
Alexander Baranov

Senior Machine Learning Developer

Alexander is an experienced Machine Learning engineer and Data Scientist with 8 years of experience and a successful history of machine learning and data processing contests. During his career, he has performed a variety of roles: developer, research engineer, consultant, and solutions architect. His deepest knowledge is in machine learning, software architecture, and cloud computing. His experience is mainly about building and testing machine learning models in Natural Language Processing and Time series analysis. He can also build  REST services with analysis background.

Pavel Grabarenko

Senior C++ and Algorithm Developer

Pavel has more than 10 years experience in software development and software design as a Software Engineer. He has developed various highly efficient desktop and server applications for Windows and Linux with the extensive use of client/server architecture, multithreading, network communications and database interactions.​

Andrey Oleynik

Senior C++ Software Developer and Architect

Senior Software Developer and Architect with more than 8 years of experience and Masters Degree in Computer Science. He’s developed various system software specializing primarily in system security software. He has also designed and developed drivers for Windows, Linux and network client-server applications. Due to the vast experience in creating multithreaded applications Andrey develops highly-efficient and secure software effectively using machine resources.

Alex Blinov

Senior Data Scientist and Project Manager.

Alex has over 10 years of experience in Software development and Project management.

Core experience includes development in Python, C++, C languages. He’s experienced in Data Science, Machine Learning including Computer Vision and Predictive Analytics. He worked with Algorithms, Graph Theory, GIS, and routing projects. Windows and Linux system programming including kernel and TCP/IP network development

Eugene Spashko

Senior Data Scientist/Machine Learning Developer​

Expert Software Developer and Architect with more than 15 years of experience and Masters Degree in Computer Science. A highly energetic, creative, and dedicated IT professional, Eugene has a strong math background and vast experience in system software development and analysis of complex business processes. For over decade he has worked with software development specializing in different programming languages and algorithms. He is most passionate about machine learning.

Vlad Romanchenko


Expert in C/C++/Python. As a Team Lead he has various experience involving development of scalable and high-load systems in Data Science and Internet of Things.

He has over 10 years of development/consulting experience. He’s interested in Machine Learning, Computer Vision Algorithms, statistical and mathematical modeling software.

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Our clients

M-soft is a small software development and Data Science company based in Moscow, Russia. In the market since 2010, we have proven expertise in System Programming and Data Science.

We work with the clients from all over the world. Mostly we have connections with the East Coast of the US, Israel and EU. Our clients are small entrepreneurs and small and mid-sized companies with specific needs around Computer Vision, Natural Language Processing, Deep Learning and System Programming.

Among our clients are world-known companies like Decathlon, Armeron, Liber Finance and brand new startups like Civil Maps, SkySquirrel and others.

Our mission

We deliver what we promise. As most of our projects are related to complex problems in Data Science/Computer Vision we’re able to start with R&D that proves the viability of the project.

We dedicate a small team specifically for each individual project. We ensure you get a weekly update. We go extra mile and we keep the secrets under NDA which is crucial for every business.

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