Toolbox for learning languages

The business goal

Our client is a tech entrepreneur from the Netherlands that decided to make life for foreign language learners easier. So the goal of the project was to create a language learning system with a gaming experience. He had an idea of a web application that could help users learn the language by words/phrases in their own order. Thus, this application provides the user with tools that allow them to translate, to manually parse and analyse texts, and also create their own dictionaries.

The application involves a frontend part which allows the user to generate a translation and backend that consists of Natural Language Processing algorithms along with the database for storing paired translations and a dictionary database with extensive descriptions.


Technical side

From a technical side, we used Python stack for the project including Django for web and NLTK frameworks for the Natural Language Processing respectively.


The project resulted in the successful installation of the application. Our client also planned to make it mobile responsive and enhance the application with new languages.

Diederick van der Lee
Thanks to the Mediterra working as a tight team, you don't just work with one developer but a whole team and their cummulative expertise. Mediterra is a young company and the team's personal drive and vigour is tangeable. The team is alway looking for ways to provide you with what they think is the most suitable for their client and make sure you get just that. I am proud of what we have built. Will work with Mediterra again!
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