Route optimization

The business goal

Our client is a tech entrepreneur from the East Coast of the US. The business goal of this project was to provide a boost in terms of performance solutions for route building and optimization for small and medium businesses like utility transport vehicles. The final solution should be on par with Google.Maps in terms of calculating the most optimal path.

The system is designed to search for a number of routes that begin and end at the same point and cover all the necessary routes inside the selected area. This system integrates traffic dates, provides such functionalities as avoiding left turns, and starting and stopping points on specific sides of the road, among other capabilities.

Technical side

From a technical point of view this works like an advanced routing system based on the Open Source Routing Machine (OSRM) written in C++. For further enhancement of the system we used a Chinese postman tour algorithm. The Chinese postman problem (or route inspection problem) is a task to find the shortest closed path or circuit that visits every edge of a connected graph. Based on the solution a REST web-interface has been developed that provides an API for finding Chinese paths on any given connected graph using specific parameters.



As a result of our project our client was able to enhance their business throughout most of the states in the US, also adding Japan, the UK and most of continental Europe. The revenues were doubled over 3 years and expected growth (including additional services) was about 50% in the user base.

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