Oil and liquids transportation

The business goal

Our client is a small US tech company. The goal of the project was to create a system that could simplify the operations by tracking transports containing oil and liquids on a real-time map. This required efforts from web development as well as Embedded programming. Therefore, we started from an embedded part where we used an MCU device in oil tanks to track the path of the tank.

Trucks and tanks act like objects with installed BeagleBone Board (BBB) and Janus modem as a communicator (all logic is custom and implemented on our side due to the complex nature of plugging it in). The server receives data from BBB and provides users with geolocation info about objects and their status and at the same time choosing the best route for the truck. In the second stage the BBB device and Janus modem changed to Teensy (Arduino-based) and FONA 3G modem due to its higher efficiency.

We then built a web application that worked as a dashboard for collecting information from devices.

Technical side

Among technologies we used Python, Django, Bootstrap, Mailgun and Google Maps API for the web dashboard itself and BeagleBone Black, Teensy as an embedded part.


As a result, our client received an application that provided all the information through a web interface. That leaded to later enhancements of the project and adding smart features like predicting level of liquid in the tank.

Rakesh Katragadda
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