Grape row visual detection and analysis in a vineyard

The business goal

Our client provides grape growers with specialized aerial data solutions developed specifically for the complexities of vineyards. Therefore, the business goal of this project was providing existing and prospective customers of the company with an easy-to-use and AI-loaded application. Thus, the customers would be able to fetch and analyse all necessary information about their vineyards on their own computer using Computer Vision methods in a cross-platform app.

The goal of the project was to analyze images of grape fields from drones in order to find and detect grape rows, estimate start and end points, and the length and width of each row. Additionally, the application supports additional image processing functionality such as colors, brightness and contrast manipulation, drawing primitives (lines, polygons), zoom, saving results as shapefiles, and supports geolocation information.

Technical side

From the technical point of view, this application includes cross-platform design written in C++/Qt for Mac/Win/Linux platforms. The backend of that application relies on Computer Vision algorithms in order to detect the rows.


As a result of this project our client boosted its revenues by 5% and was able to demonstrate the latest Computer Vision advancements in the field of agriculture.

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