Finances chatbot

The business goal

Our client is a Norwegian finance company working with loans. They have a web application that allows users to easily take loans online and effectively manage their finances. The main challenge is that they need some kind of 24/7 assistance to make a right choice for the loans. So the business goal of this project was to implement an application that could interact with the customers and advise them about potential financial solutions.

We implemented a chatbot that replies to questions in human-like format. Replies are based on a knowledge base of questions and answers in the Norwegian language. In addition to usage of a Q&A knowledge base engine, the application uses some ”improving” techniques providing better results. For example:

  • topic extraction for answers in Q&A knowledge bases;
  • correcting mistyping in users’ messages;
  • synonym usage/replacement;
  • replies rating.

Technical side

The developed chatbot engine has been integrated into a website based on the customer communication platform. We used NLP and Machine Learning techniques to build the system.


As a result, our client got a 24/7 customer service for their financial product. They were able to raise customer retention by 30% in the next few months.

Rene Skaflestad
Very satisfied!
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