Cross-platform VPN Client

The business goal

Our client is a tech entrepreneur from Sweden. He has built a web application that works like a proxy. The business goal of the project was to provide a platform for customers from the EU who want to use/attend websites anonymously and secure their traffic.

In order to broaden its client base he decided to develop desktop applications with rich interface and better functionality. At first his intention was to use PyQt implementation, but due to reasons of security, we moved to C++/Qt so that we are aware of relevant technologies and we can make the development time shorter. Over the time of development we provided testing as well.

Finally, we developed an OpenVPN client that works on Windows, Ubuntu and Mac OS X. This client contains functionality to safely encrypt credentials locally on the user’s computer, and not store it in clean text as OpenVPN originally does. It also contains a kill-switch, which means that the internet connection on the computer should be switched off in case the user loses  the connectivity to the service. The client should also verify that the DNS servers on the user’s computer have been changed and if not, change them to ones that have been specified.

Technical side

On a technical side we used C++/Qt, WebSockets and JavaScript, HTML to build an interface.


The project resulted in 40% client base increase over the following year.

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