Biochemistry signal based analysis

The business goal

Our client is a research lab from the West Coast of the US.

Their business involves collecting and analyzing signals from biochemical materials. The goal of this project is to deliver a robust in terms of speed and security software based on the set of algorithms that our client created. A broad overview of the project is to take several lists of signals (from different samples) and group them together based on their time and mass readings so that signals at the same time/mass are collected together.

Technical side

From the technical side, we took algorithms written in R scripts and rewrote them into C/C++ code so it could easily be integrated with Python code. This required a lot of testing due to the expectations of saving accuracy from the initial scripts and adding speed. The expected output of the project is creating a desktop application for the processing of mass spectrometry data.


As a result of the project, we successfully completed this intermediary stage, increasing the speed and security of an application. Our client got an application ready to be deployed on a server and made the needed adjustments in GUI.

Dr. Paul Benton
Alex, Vlad and Kate are all very skilled coders who take a can do approach to their work. We were very happy with the work which was done by the group. Communication on any not face-face interactions can be difficult and unfortunately that was the case here.
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