Automotive telemetrics

The business goal

The business goal of the project is to build a secure and efficient channel for retrieving data from external APIs/sources into a client application. The platform of our client provides the solutions to make better fleet decisions. The software is a home for all data, along with powerful yet easy to use tools, that get the answers needed. It is designed to remove building spreadsheets from the process and to join the next generation of fleet management and systems.

Our main goal is to retrieve data (distance, max speed, engine hours, etc) from Verizon Networkfleet, Zonar, Visionlink systems and store this data to the Amazon Redshift Database. Intermediate data is loaded to Amazon S3 bucket (CSV-formatted). Utilimarc uses this program in order to generate analytical reports on a daily basis so the program runs at the end of the day and looks for the data for the full previous day. The program also retrieves historical data for the selected date. To accelerate the retrieving of data, the program uses multithreaded access to Verizon API. Verizon Networkfleet and Zonar systems provide track locations, monitor driver behaviors and remotely observe vehicle diagnostics.


Technical side

On a technical side, we used Python, Amazon S3, Amazon Redshift, REST to build an application for the client ETL process.


We helped to build ETL pipeline so that Utilimarc was able to partner with Verizon and get additional funding. The Utilimarc software allows for the discovery of the best industry practices, measure the effectiveness of a fleet decision and provides the analyses to improve or defend the current data analysis practices.


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