3D modeling of chemicals packaging

The business goal

The business goal of the project is to facilitate the management of different substances,
including liquids, through the use of project models.

Our client is a small software and game development company. One of their specializations is
the development of 2D/3D/VR applications. For one of their 3D/VR applications, we created an
app that models chemical packaging in 3D using Unreal Engine.

The main goal of the project is showing 3D models of packaging for chemicals. The project is
ongoing and as for now, we have already implemented the logic of packaging choice and
generated a text description for it.

Technical side

On a technical side, we used Unreal Engine 4 (UE4) and C++. On the frontend we used
JavaScript, React, jQuery, jQuery UI, Flat UI Free, and MySQL.

We have also implemented the option for random viewing 3D models of packaging. UE4 is used
to show 3D models. Other items were implemented using JavaScript (via Coherent UI).


As a result of the project our client received additional funding from a venture company and continued developing the product.

Colin Croft
Mediterra did a great job on this. They were very easy to communicate with, had excellent problem solving skills and were extremely prompt in their delivery. Most importantly, they seem to take a lot of pride in their work. On this occasion the product they delivered in fact went beyond what had been asked of them. Definitely recommend working with them.
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